You have a busy day ahead of you. You’re late for work, the kids are late for school, and your driveway is blanketed under almost a foot of snow. If you shovel now, you will surely get stuck in the middle of rush hour traffic. If you forge out of your driveway, and then back in the evening, you will pack the powder and make your job much more cumbersome, and you will be laboring away on your driveway all evening instead of taking the time to unwind.

Let Trusted lawn and landscape take over your snow-blowing duties. We can save your sanity, and your back.

Snowplow Services

  • Be patient and keep a safe distance from plows.
  • When travelling behind a plow, leave at least three car lengths of distance between you and the plow.
  • Do not drive beside a plow and NEVER pass a plow.
  • If a plow is approaching from the opposite direction, shift to the right of your lane to give some extra leeway.
  • If you are on a multiple lane road (such as the 401) and there is a line of plows working, do not attempt to pass. Be patient and follow the plows at a safe distance.
  • Pedestrians: if you see a snowplow, assume the driver has not seen you and move off the sidewalk into a yard where you can be seen.
  • Parents: children should be reminded not to play on, or build forts, in roadside snowbanks and to not approach a plow, even if it has stopped.


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